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Learn how to make your own online courses


Are you ready to create a profitable online course that gives you more time, freedom & revenue?

You’ve been thinking about making an online course for so long and yet… after all this time you still have nothing.

You see other entrepreneurs earning 5-10k a month with their courses and you’d love nothing more than to be in that line, but you just don’t know where to start and how to do it all.

You want to create more time & freedom, you want to make more money – passive, please! – but the threshold to create a course feels so high and all the information about the best tools & techniques is so confusing and overwhelming.

Besides, you doubt if your idea is good enough at all and if your target group is waiting for it. There are so many courses on the subject – what do you have to add?

And so, after all this time, you’re still in the same situation – without a course, without passive income and without the freedom you crave.

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But what if making an online course doesn’t have to be difficult at all?

What if you can also achieve these kinds of results – without complicated and overwhelming strategies ↓


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In this course I share my full strategy to make a successful and profitable online course that gives you more time, more freedom and more income. Through my unique & effective Course Creation Framework I teach you from A to Z how to effortlessly transform your knowledge & expertise into a best-selling course.

I have put all my knowledge and strategies into a comprehensive & detailed step-by-step plan, in which I not only teach you how to make a profitable course, but also help you to apply the knowledge through assignments and additional resources, so you can start making your course right away.

If you’re ready to create your signature course, which will increase your impact and revenue, then Sell Your Course is just what you need.

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I’m Evy and I help female entrepreneurs to build a scalable business, attract new customers non-stop and consistently run five figure months.

I didn’t always have a successful business with successful courses, dream clients and orders coming in almost every day. In fact, not so long ago I was earning less than €1,000 a month with my business.

I knew I had a lot to offer and I knew I could help a lot of people, but I just didn’t know how to transfer that knowledge & value to others and make more money with it.

Until I stepped into the world of online courses.

Soon I successfully sold my first course and not much later a second one followed.

In the meantime I’ve created several successful courses that have helped hundreds of women set up and grow their online business.

But not only that – the courses have also brought me multiple successful launches and because I have now fully automated sales, my courses provide a passive income every month.

And in Sell Your Course I share all my knowledge, tips and strategies so you can achieve the same. 

Sell Your Course is for you if you…

✔️ Overwhelmed by all possibilities and strategies and looking for a simple and clear step-by-step plan
that explains you from A to Z how to make a valuable & successful course.

✔️ Want to pack your knowledge & expertise into a scalable course, so you don’t have to trade time for money anymore
and so you can earn more, without having to work anymore – let that passive income come!

✔️ Looking for a way to help & reach more people and if you want to do so in such a valuable and impactful way.

✔️ Be ready to say goodbye to your apologies now and do what you’ve been wanting to do for an eternity –
create a next level course that will grow your business & bank account.

What you will learn?

Creating a successful & profitable course idea.

Creating a successful and profitable course starts with coming up with a successful and profitable topic.

After this module you will know exactly how to come up with an irresistible course idea, which three essential things your idea should meet and how to discover if the idea you have in mind is profitable. In addition, you will have figured out what your target audience needs and what results they would like to achieve, so you can be sure that you are going to create a course that they will undoubtedly be pulling their wallet for.

Your positioning and coming up with your best-selling promise

You don’t just want to make a course – you want to make a course that exceeds all expectations and allows you to easily distinguish yourself from your competitors.

After this module you will know exactly how to make your course unique & distinctive, so that your target group prefers your course to that of your competitors. After this module you will also know how to guide your students to their dream results – making them want to invest in you again next time.

Creating the course and coming up with the perfect name

You’re going to turn your idea into a next-level course that your students can’t get enough of.

After this module you will know exactly how to use my effective 5-3-1 method to create a course that will give your students great results. In addition, you will know how much content you need to include in your course, how to create valuable & quality videos and how to come up with a catchy name that attracts attention and arouses interest.

The technical and practical aspects of making your course

Discover the best tools, programs and platforms for creating and selling your online course.

After this module you will know what – depending on your situation & goals – is the best course platform for you and what you need to prepare your course for sale. Note: My expertise lies in designing & creating a course and not necessarily in the technical aspects. I share all the tools & programs I use and I give some technical tips, but I don’t go very deep into the technique.

Determining the right price and smart tips for more sales

You don’t just want to make a successful course – of course you want to be able to sell it successfully.

After this module you have set a price that does justice to the value of your course, matches your positioning and feels perfect for you and your customers. In addition, you know how to use bonuses to double the number of sales and you know how to add extra value to your course without it costing you extra work – because why do it when it’s easy?

Are you ready to turn your knowledge into an
scalable course, so you can help more people,
make more money and create more freedom?



You can start whenever you want! You have lifelong access to the course and you can view all modules at your convenience, at the speed you like. So it doesn’t matter if you start today, next month or next year!


If your course is not running so well yet and if you would like to learn how to create a course that your ideal customers will undoubtedly buy, the course is highly recommended for you.

If your course is already going well and you’re already getting positive feedback, you probably won’t need this course – although it will still give you valuable tips & insights for any new courses.


No, you don’t. I explain all the steps in a simple and clear way and take you by the hand during the whole process – while at the same time I go into depth so that you really learn all the ins and outs and at the end of the course you have gained countless new insights.


That’s not a problem at all, because I pay attention to that in the course as well. I help you to find a course idea that really matches your talents & what you like and at the same time is super valuable for your target group.


In The C-Course I share my own unique methods and strategies – which you won’t find in any other course.

These are the methods that I always use to create my courses and that have given me countless enthusiastic clients, fantastic testimonials and successful launches.

In addition, in The C-Course I give you detailed and practical tips that really help you from idea to launch.


The course consists of 15 video lessons of 3 to 10 minutes each (you will also receive the written text of each lesson) and each lesson includes one or more assignments. In addition, some lessons also contain workbooks / templates / extra resources.

In principle, you could take the course in 2 hours, but if you start making all the assignments right away, you’ll quickly lose a day (but then you’ll have a large part of your course right away!).

Anyway, I recommend that you look at all the lessons several times – at least for each course you are going to make.


How does it sound forever? You have lifelong access to the course, so you can follow the course or parts of the course again and again!